How to store and preserve your family documents for future generations

Back to our Past 2020

Preserving and storing your family history documents for future generations is being covered in this presentation by specialist Christine Deakin at Back to Our Past Virtual this September

Genealogy stationary is a new product and is designed to help with organising your research. These are separate A4 size pages to provide different information you have researched on an individual ancestor. The selection will be shown and discussed.

Christine supplies quality, acid Free products for the preservation of all types of family history memorabilia. She has specifically designed padded binders for certificates, photos and all sizes of documents up to A3 size. Acid Free pockets of all sizes (up to A3 size) as well acid free glue, dividers, pens, card and paper are available. A selection will be shown and discussed.

The Ancestor Research Booklet is another new product with which you record the information of research you have on 68 individuals. It includes 2 x 5 Generation Family Tree Charts. The booklet will be shown and discussed.