Suffer little children..


Children of the Rising, by Joe Duffy, Hachette Ireland, €19.99


The first child to be killed in the Rising, Sean (John) Frances Foster


This is a highly readable and well researched account of one aspect of the Rising which has been largely ignore up to now and Joe Duffy is to be congratulated  for highlighting the suffering of not only those children who were killed or wounded but also those who lives were blighted  by the tumultuous  events of Easter week 1916.  It is not a dry, scholarly work, and all the better for that, as it chronologically traces the conflict  from the very beginning, noting that within 24 hours of the Rising  starting 14 children were killed. The first child to die in the Rising, Sean (John) Frances Foster, was shot in his pram on Church Street on Easter Monday. He was one of forty children, aged sixteen and under, who died in the Easter Rising.


A nun distributing bread after the Rising




Children of the Rising is the first ever account of  the young  lives violently lost during the week of the 1916 Rising, and up to now almost never commemorated.

Boys, girls, rich, poor, Catholic, Protestant – no child was guaranteed immunity from the bullet and bomb that week where teeming tenement life existed side by side with immense wealth.