The Irish and the Scottish Connection

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Dr Irene O’Brien of Glasgow City Archives will give three presentations on the Irish who went to Scotland in the last two hundred years and will provide a rich sources of information to help trace Irish migrations

The three presentations are:

Discover your ancestors in Glasgow and Scotland
Introduction to resources to trace your Irish ancestors in Glasgow and Scotland. Will look at ScotlandsPeople records with particular focus on the Irish and to Glasgow City Archives and its sources to help trace Irish migration.

Poor Law Records in Glasgow City Archives
The talk will look at Glasgow City Archives stand-out poor law records for Glasgow and west of Scotland from 1845 to 1930. Large numbers of Irish applied for poor relief and the applications are rich with essential genealogical data and with details of the lives of applicants.

Church Records in Glasgow City Archives and Beyond
The City Archives holds records across many denominations, including Presbyterian and Episcopalian and many other denominations. The talk will cover these and Catholic records (held by their own archives)